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What are the advantages of using small casting equipment

  • 2020-05-27
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Small casting equipment in the process of production needs a lot of professional procedures, the following small make up to say to you what are the advantages of using small casting equipment?

1. Wide source of raw materials and low price, such as scrap steel, scrap parts and chips; Low production cost, compared with other forming process, casting has obvious advantages.

2, casting is the liquid metal forming, so it can produce a very complex shape, especially with a complex inner cavity of various sizes of blank or parts.

3. The shape and size of the casting are very close to the parts, which reduces the cutting amount and belongs to non-cutting machining.

4. The size, weight and production quantity of the casting are not limited. It can produce a variety of metal or alloy products, which is more flexible.

5. Widely used, 40%~70% of the weight of agricultural machinery and 70%~80% of the weight of machine tools are castings.


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