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Maintenance skills of casting equipment

  • 2020-05-27
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Casting equipment is to use this technology to melt metal into a certain liquid requirements and pour it into the casting mold, after cooling solidification, cleaning treatment to obtain a predetermined shape, size and performance of the casting machinery. Here are two important maintenance techniques for casting equipment:

1. In daily life, it is recommended to check the casting equipment as a whole on the same day, especially the pipelines and oil lines, so as to ensure that the connection positions are in normal state without looseness or other abnormal phenomena, so as to make adequate preparations for the next use.

2, before each start casting equipment, need to check the hydraulic system, the oil temperature should be in line with the requirements of the normal range, before the use of the sand box should also check, so as to avoid problems in the process of work affect the progress of the work, and lubrication work also do not ignore, always keep the equipment in a good state.


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